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bornxtoxbleed: pink is the only color worth acknowladging
SnickleFritz321: acknowledging? what do you mean, the only thing you'll get attention for?
bornxtoxbleed: no what i mean
bornxtoxbleed: is that green and blue and red and purple those are all made up
bornxtoxbleed: the only reason you think they exist is cause people tell you they do
bornxtoxbleed: really they are all shades of pink
bornxtoxbleed: and pink is the superior color

bornxtoxbleed: Eurethes: what've you been up today/this week?
bornxtoxbleed: killing
bornxtoxbleed: shh dont tell
bornxtoxbleed: Eurethes: k i won't
Eurethes: who have you killed?
Eurethes: or..what?
bornxtoxbleed: babies
bornxtoxbleed: lots of babies
Eurethes: i eat babies
bornxtoxbleed: i have sex with them
bornxtoxbleed: and then i cut of their heads
bornxtoxbleed: and throw them in the river
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